Support For Lower Adult Drink Driving Level


A Motor Trade Association poll claims strong support for the Government to lower the drink drive limit for drivers over 20.

When the Government announced proposals to reduce the number alcohol related road crashes with a zero drink driving limit for under 20s, it also raised the possibility of a lower alcohol limit for adult drivers.
MTA has run a small poll of the public on whether there should be a decrease in the drink drive limit for drivers over 20.
Half of the poll’s 500 respondents said that the limit should be decreased for over 20s, 30 percent said that the limit should remain the same and instead look at increasing penalties associated with drink driving, and 20 percent said they weren’t sure and wanted to see how the zero limit for under 20s goes.

MTA spokeswoman Ana Zandi says the evidence from the recent poll clearly indicates that New Zealanders believe that alcohol is a major cause of road fatalities on our roads and changes should also be considered for drivers over 20.
“The public tell us that they want to see a decrease in the blood alcohol limit for drivers over 20. Although it’s hard to know if we could also expect a zero drink drive limit for this age group, a review of the current 0.08 blood alcohol limit for adult drivers needs to be considered.”
A survey carried out by the Ministry of Transport in 2009, showed 85 percent of people support an adult limit of 0.05 or lower, which level equates to two or fewer drinks.
Earlier this month the Government indicated that evidence of the benefits of lowering the drink drive limit for all drivers was inconclusive, and they would not be legislating for something without widespread support or further research. ‘Based on what we have found, the support for a lower drink limit for adults seems to be widespread,’ says Ms Zandi.It is expected that a decision will be announced next month.





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