Does Your Car Air Con Burn Too Much Fuel?


The AA has done an interesting survey to check common roading myths. Like: Does driving with a load or with air-conditioning on really use more petrol?

It found:

  • Air-conditioning off saved a rather whopping 8.68%
  • Using fuel-efficient tyres - saved 4.71%,
  • Incorrect tyre pressures - used 7.76% more,
  • Added weight and drag - used 11.11% more and Poor driving style - used almost 20% more.

Its test cars were a 1.6 litre Peugeot 207 XSP, a 2-litre Nissan Qashqai and a 2.5 litre AWD Subaru Outback. Each was an automatic.

The circuit of just under 200km around the Coromandel Peninsula included a mix of easy open road motoring, a fair amount of steep, twisty gruelling hills and some low-speed town driving.

You can read the test results at the AA site




  1. anthony says:

    I have to commute 60 km’s every day, but South Canterbury is a flat plain with very straight roads and busy but flowing 100k hour traffic. Our Opel uses 700km per tank which is great compared to our old 300 km tank Subaru!

  2. Ian says:

    A few more savings like this and they’ll be paying us to drive.


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