Newmarket Lights Make A Difference


When the new Newmarket station opened mid-January, some of us bemoaned the fact that there were no traffic lights directly outside the station to Nuffield St opposite.
You had to walk down the road towards Broadway, then cross further down and then cross again to get to the other side of Broadway, near where the temporary southern line station had been.
We were told they were coming.

And they have came, along with a helpful countdown for pedestrians, as has been familiar in QueenSt for some time.

They make such a difference.

And now there are two options at close distance on where to cross.

Good to see also the addition of an info board at the station on buses to catch from Newmarket and what’s nearby to visit in Newmarket.

And clear info about how people can catch a train at the junction to Mt Smart for the Warriors game. (pleasing to see how many arrived from the West to change lines).

But a few worrying signs , literally at the new station.
In wandering through the Remuera Rd entrance way, I’m not sure why there are already these marks on the walkway…

..and these marks on the side overlooking the tennis courts.

I hope the station can be kept its new pristine look.




  1. max says:

    I know the person who designed both the “old” and the “new” traffic signals. While I am all for the fourth leg, it will lead to more vehicle congestion on Remuera Road (less time available for through traffic).

    I guess in a roundabout way that is good :-/

  2. rtc says:

    What is the “fourth leg”?

  3. max says:

    Sorry, I meant the crossing over the fourth leg. It only had crossings over three so far.

    And in case you are not confused about terminology, but about location - the fourth leg is the signalised car park entry. A crying shame that they got one in the first place. I seriously resent being asked to stop walking and wait for the lights at a car park entry! And nobody does it either!


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