Road Freight Group Urges Puhoi Upgrade To Go Further


The road freight industry is pressing the government to extend the planned Puhoi upgrade to Whangarei – and predicts road freight will always have the edge over rail.

The statements came before the Northland regional transport committee from National Roads Carriers member Daron Turner, making a submission on behalf of the group to the committee considering a 30 year transport strategy.

That strategy had expressed support for upgrading the rail line between Auckland and Northland for freight.

Turner said the upgrade of SH1 between Puhoi and Wellsford to be extended all the way to Whangarei and added that  the freight industry has strongly supported the section as a Road of National Significance – or RONS - and are encouraged at the urgency.

“However, most freight and other traffic along the route doesn’t have Wellsford as its destination.
The Puhoi to Wellsford RONS only makes economic sense if it is quickly continued for the full route to Whangarei. A 4-lane highway for the full route between Whangarei and Auckland bypassing congestion points along the way such as Warkworth should be the outcome we need to focus on achieving with speed and urgency.”

He suggested a joint advocacy campaign to central Government by Northland’s economic interests be formed to press for this outcome.

He predicted that the trend to larger and more fuel efficient freight vehicles and the door-to-door advantages offered by road freight would “continue to give road freight between Auckland and Whangarei a competitive edge over rail and coastal shipping options for most freight,” There was every sign that road freight task would continue to be a critical economic life line for Northland for the foreseeable future.

“Accordingly, it makes huge practical economic sense to ensure the best possible road infrastructure is provided.”




  1. Luke says:

    I bet he also thinks heavy trucks are paying far too much in Road User Charges. What a ridiculous statement anyway. If $2 billion wont even get us to Warkworth, how much would it cost to get to Whangarei!!!
    I bet he expects everyone else in the country to pay for his dream roads.

  2. curtissd says:

    More trucks on roads = more road deaths, shame.

  3. rtc says:

    Of course, as long as truckers are subsidised by the general populace then road freight will always win out against rail…..

  4. max says:

    Ah, just say we will double freight road user charges all over New Zealand, and hypothecate the amount to build this highway. Then step back and watch the brown matter hit the fan as they sputter and moan about how much they already pay, and how high fuel prices and government taxes are basically bankrupting them.

    At least that’s how I rmember them talking last time someone dared to raise their fees.

  5. Cambennett says:

    What a surprise.

  6. Simon says:

    Yeah If the roaf freight forum wants a 4 lane highway to Whangarei let them start paying their way and they can pay for the whole thing!

  7. Chris Randal says:

    Must be getting worried about rail if they are citing them as competition!

  8. Jon R says:

    As proven in almost all international studies…larger trucks = more accidents and more deaths.

    Why does the Government condone drink drivers but then want more, proven, deadly trucks on our roads?

  9. urbanlocal says:

    Naturally roads are going to have the edge over rail after all the investment they have received. Imagine if roads still followed the same routes and had the same infrastructure as it did in 1945. Thats where rail is stuck, in a time warp probably closer to 1925.

  10. Jeremy Harris says:

    They have their argument and it is up to us to ensure we submit on everything we can to counter it…


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