Hamilton Rail Petition Tabled


The 11,500 strong CBT petition for a Waikato-Auckland rail service was tabled in Parliament this afternoon by Labour List MP Sue Moroney.

MP about to present petition to parliament

She had received the petition at yesterday’s ceremony at the Frankton rail station.

She called on Hamilton’s two National MPs to join her in supporting the call.
“The job of local MPs is to advocate for improved services for the people they represent. “It’s not good enough for the two National MPs to be neutral, at best, about this issue. Their Government will only move if there is strong advocacy from their own local MPs.

“In particular, (National MP for Hamilton East) David Bennett needs to reverse his publicly-stated opposition to a passenger train service between Hamilton and Auckland, before the petition comes before the select committee he chairs.”

“People can’t believe that we don’t have a commuter train between the fourth-largest and the largest city in New Zealand. They are only 120kms apart. We own the tracks, we own the trains, the public supports it and carriages are available right now - it’s a no-brainer “Hamilton is a large modern city. We require convenient services that improve our environment, increase productivity and improve people’s lives. A commuter train ticks all of the boxes.”



  1. Jeremy Harris says:

    Making some political hay… Good stuff…

  2. Hamish says:

    Why would you sacrifice rail slots that could be used for Auckland services over Hamilton commuters? Hamilton commuters would expect an express service which wouldn’t integrate with the Auckland connect services.

    Just a simple observation!

  3. Jon R says:

    Any one like to speculate why David Bennett and Tim MacIndoe are so hung up on the Waikato Expressway? I and most of Hamilton City cannot understand their illogical stance.

  4. Jon R says:

    Hamish good question. Though with that question I suspect you have not read the Business Case Study? In short, KiwiRail say they can fit the peak time services into the AKL network.

    Maybe in a few years they will not be able to fit into the Auckland network. At that stage, and as most rail advocates know, more passing loops need to be installed in the Auckland metro area. They will be required in any case soon.

  5. Andrew says:

    I have a little theory on that one.

    People who drive generally support road funding because it will benefit them.

    When petrol rises above $2 per litre and continues to creep up from there, demand for and public acceptance of new roads will drop, hence there will be less support for all these new Roads of National [party] Significance.

    So, before that inevitably happens, roadbuilders are pushing for as much funding support as they can possibly get before their time at the top permanently passes.

  6. John Dalley says:

    “Build it and they will come” or in this case “ride”
    Am i correct, that electric rail finishes at Hamilton? then,
    Why not electrify Hamilton to Auckland, get a couple of new units that can travel quicker than the ones that will be used in Auckland and commit to a regular Hamilton to Auckland service.
    Over time, areas like Huntly, Te kauwhata, Pokeno will then become more desirable to live and satellite communities will flourish and people will commute to Auckland or for that matter Hamilton regularly. It will take a number of years, but patronage will increase.

  7. Matt L says:

    John D - the biggest thing needed for faster running is for the tracks to be upgraded as the silver ferns are capable of faster speeds providing the track allows it. In saying that it would be nice to close the gap between Papakura and Hamilton.


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