Kiwis Back To Buying New Cars, Especially Toyota Hilux & Corollas


Kiwis are returning to buying new cars after the recessionary  dip - and Toyota’s bad press hasn’t hurt the company with Hilux and Corollas dominating sales.

Car registrations show March sales were up 10% compared to the same month a year ago.  March passenger vehicle sales traditionally show a lift over February and this year proved no exception, with March sales of 5392 units ahead of February’s 4302 units by 25 percent.

For the year to date, the 2010 passenger car sector is ahead of 2009 by more than 1300 units or 9 percent.

MTA Marketing and Communications General Manager, Ian Stronach said  that “while it’s unlikely that the market will reach great heights, everyone we are speaking to is happy with the direction it’s headed.”

In the new car market leadership :

  • Toyota retained number 1  with 854 units and a 15.8 percent share
  • followed by Holden on 587 units (10.9 percent)
  • Ford 497 units (9.2 percent)
  • just ahead of Mazda on 495 units (9.1 percent)
  • who in turn narrowly headed Hyundai in fifth spot with 484 units (9.0 percent)

.In a tightly packed race, smaller cars again dominated the contest for individual model supremacy with:

  • Toyota Corolla leading with 296 units
  • Suzuki Swift close with 270 units
  • Holden Commodore 224 units
  • Mazda3 187 units
  • Holden Cruze and Mazda6 tying for fifth spot with 175 units each.

Used import registrations also continued to show recovery, and at 7800 units were at their highest level in nearly 18 months. Mirroring this were used import passenger car arrivals which at 8640 were up 28 percent over February’s levels.  For the first quarter of 2010 arrival volumes were more than double last year’s levels. Overall activity levels within the new and used car sector remain high with the prime indicator, Change of Ownerships, at their highest levels in over a year.

The motorcycle market also proved something of a bright spot with sales of 749 units being the best in 11 months, up 6 percent over February’s levels.

While the market was lower than for March 2009, the gap is closing with sales for the year to date now being off by only 23 percent.  The reduction in sales is shared equally between scooters (under 60 cc) and larger (over 60cc) motorcycles.

Stronach adds “With more new models, new power-plant options, and even more manufacturers represented than there were a year ago, customers across almost all sectors are responding as the industry hoped.  The balance of 2010 looks a lot better than it did even six months ago.”

With the two top selling models for the month Toyota Hilux and Toyota Corolla, Toyota’s General Manager of Sales and Operations, Steve Prangnell, says the positive customer response in the first quarter during well publicised recalls, pre-dominantly in the US, reflected  continuing strong customer sentiment for Toyota in New Zealand. “Our customers have remained loyal to Toyota.”




  1. max says:

    They will all be dirt cheap on the secondary market when fuel tops out again.

  2. Jeremy Harris says:

    Time for mandatory fuel standards…


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