The Waterfront It Is for RWC!


Those running the RWC in Auckland say they have surveyed 800 residents and conclude Aucklanders want our waterfront to be the centrepiece of the city’s Rugby World Cup celebrations.

The survey asking Aucklanders how they wanted to celebrate this once in a lifetime event  showed strong support for live screenings of matches (81%) and cultural events (62%) with the location of choice being the city’s waterfront.

Nearly half the respondents (42%) said theCBD/waterfront was their preferred location for RWC 2011 events, while just over a third of people would like to see celebrations in a major park in their area .Another popular activity was supporting visiting teams and meeting the players.

Auckland’s RWC 2011 spokesperson Michael Barnett says the  survey shows strong support for fan zones where matches are screened live in a festival setting, and the adopt-a-second-team initiative encouraging Kiwis to get in behind teams as well as the All Blacks.

He said that fan zones, adopt-a-second-team programmes and incorporating existing cultural events eg Diwali, into the RWC 2011 celebrations will all form part of a festival programme.




  1. Ian M says:

    Hmmm…doesn’t sound like its a very thorough survey to draw conclusions from if its only 800 people


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