Kingsland Cycleway’s First Day A Success


The SH16 Kingsland cycleway link was officially opened this morning by Transport Minister, Steven Joyce - and despite annoying drizzle, cyclists have already found it riding home tonight.

And riding it is a joy.

Cyclists using the new Kingsland cycleway tonight

I’m surprised to find some cyclists still battling the hills instead of taking the new through route - and when asked, they say they didn’t know it had opened. Understandable as it needed some signs saying so.

It means you now get an almost entirely off-road 12 kilometre-long stretch of cycleway from Te Atatu Road in Waitakere to Newton Road. Watch how popular it gets when walkers discover it.

Cycleway keeps you safe from the busy SH16 Northwestern Motoray

As revealed here yesterday, NZTA today announced an investigation is underway to find a suitable route through Upper Queen Street, the Central Motorway Junction and along Grafton Gully to the Auckland University of Technology and Auckland University.

The NZTA’s Regional Director for Auckland, Wayne McDonald, announced  the agency  plans to have the 3 kilometre long-extension completed next year.

And the further improvements to the cycleway between St Lukes and Te Atatu interchanges will happen as the NZTA project to widen the Northwestern Motorway gets underway.

Mr McDonald said all the improvements to the Northwestern Cycleway fitted with the NZTA’s objectives of supporting cycling and walking projects that reduced congestion on the roads and delivered a viable alternative to the car.

“When we’ve brought the cycleway into central Auckland, it will be much safer and much quicker for cyclists to commute between west and central Auckland,” said Mr McDonald.

Mr McDonald thanked the residents  living next to the new section of cycleway for their support during the construction.

“It is never easy constructing any project close to neighbours, and we are grateful for the co-operation we have had from the community here,” he said.

Mr McDonald says that although the cycleway has opened, there are still a number of finishing touches to be made to provide more privacy for residents. The improvement project also includes upgrading fences and screening, and replanting native trees and bushes between the cycleway and houses when the dry spell ends.




  1. max says:

    I’ll have to go out there tomorrow. Wanted to be at the opening, but had a work meeting at the same time. Dang.

    And now on to the city - Wayne McDonalds statement about 2011 was very encouraging.


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