Waterfront Plan: Wellington Just Does It


While we talk about a tent on Queens Wharf while we still work out what to do long-term , Wellington just gets on with a long - term vision of its waterfront. So how does that work?!

Wellington City Council’s Strategy and Policy Committee today voted to start public consultation on a range of initiatives for the future development of Wellington’s waterfront.

Their Queens Wharf masterplan, which councillors also discussed at today’s meeting, aims to improve Shed 6 and the TSB Bank Arena facilities, Queens Wharf Plaza and the pedestrian and cyclist interface along the promenade – but there’s also a plan to redevelop the overseas passenger terminal into an apartment building.

Wellington's people-friendly waterfront

The committee also voted to proceed with construction of the proposed ‘artwork’ public toilets at the Kumutoto end of the waterfront. Building work on the $375,000 project is expected to start in August. T
he 2010/11 Waterfront Development Plan, due to go out for consultation next month, makes a variety of recommendations.

It includes:

  • relocation costs for the Chaffers Marina administration buildings in anticipation of the Overseas Passenger Terminal redevelopment next year
  • continuing to project-manage the construction of the wharewaka
  • redeveloping the public area surrounding the wharewaka on Taranaki Street Wharf
  • The plan proposes to undertake business cases to support a temporary fabric shelter structure for the waterfront’s ‘transition’ site beside Waitangi Park, where the Harbourside Market takes place on Sundays, and a temporary ice-skating rink.
  • It also proposes a feasibility study into proposed buildings for the ‘transition site’.

The 2010/11 Plan is part of a wider 10-year developmental framework for the waterfront. Other initiatives in the framework include redeveloping the Outer T (also part of the Queens Wharf masterplan) and a Chinese Garden at Frank Kitts Park.

Wellington Mayor Kerry Prendergast says : “I’m delighted with how Wellington Waterfront Ltd has managed the space so far. Now we’re ready to move on with plans that have been in place for some time. “There’s been increased interest of late in the redevelopment of the Overseas Passenger Terminal into an apartment complex, and this indicates to us a change on the horizon for our economic situation.

“The same could be said for the proposed Chinese Garden. I have been in contact with leaders of Wellington’s Chinese community this week, and we’re keen to work together on the early stages of this project. It’s a shame that this process has been going on so long, and I detected that most other Councillors at today’s meeting just want to get on with this project.”

Waterfront company Chief Executive Ian Pike says an ideas competition was held last year for what to do with the Outer T.

More than 170 members of the public entered the competition, and six ideas were selected for further consideration by a steering group.

You can see the entries here




  1. Jeremy Harris says:

    Not only that they have an office right on the waterfront where the public can go in and have a look at the plans… I took advantage of that when last down there, if it wasn’t for the crappy weather I’d be down there in a flash…

  2. Anthony says:

    I vote make Hamilton the capital and see what happens.

    Oh and Len Brown for Mayor.

  3. Kelvin says:

    They might be ahead on the waterfront but what the hell is with the pumpkins at the airport!


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