Joy! Rail Strike Now Hits France


European rail companies have been adding extra trains to try to cope with the travel chaos.
The widespread disruption caused by the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud, continues to halt thousands of air flights.

But most trains, including extra Eurostar trains from Paris to London are booked out for days. Passengers are queueing for hours to try to book trips beyond that - as there’s no sign of the disruption easing.

In central London, people flocking into St. Pancras rail terminal to try to get a Eurostar ticket have been told to keep away - unless they can show they already have a ticket as there is too much congestion at the station.

And in France, there’s an additional problem - a strike. It’s now in its 10th day and shows no sign of ending.

Most French services are running sporadically because of the rail workers’ strike action. This includes the high-speed TGV service, as well as regional trains in the south.

Accommodation is so tight now, people are trying to find somewhere in terminals to sleep but airports have also closed.
It’s said there are literally no beds left in LA or Hong Kong.

CNN asked a good question : What do you do as a traveller when this sort of thing happens?

Video/Photo credit :CNN




  1. Chris says:

    The prudent thing would be to stay where you are til things settle down. Sure it may be inconvenient, but hey, we’re all human and we can help each other out at times like this.

    I can’t believe the stupidity of people thinking that somehow the magic carpet is going to appear and they will get to where-ever they want to be, *instantly! right now!* so they get on the plane to LA or Honkers, and then complain they can’t get to London. Sigh. Silly buggers.


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