SH16 Busway Gets ARC Support


The possibility of a busway along the Northwestern Motorway sneaked into the draft ARC 30 year transport strategy at the last minute.

This afternoon’s ARC transport committee meeting considered the final draft of the 2010-2040 Auckland Regional Land Transport Strategy and sent it to the full council ,meeting on Monday night for it to become adopted.

But a late change asked for officials to investigate whether the northwestern motorway could include a busway.

ARC transport committee chair Christine Rose told members: “While the NZTA is doing extensions to the motorway, it makes sense not to close the opportunity for a busway, as the area grows and public transport use increases.”

Northwestern has a cycleway. How about a busway?

The committee asked officers to report back on the upgrading of the motorway and look for opportunities to incorporate bus infrastructure improvements in any motorway widening projects being carried out by NZTA.

They will specifically look at the northwestern motorway extensions and also “ensure future capacity improvements are provided for, including the potential for rail corridor conversion in the long term.”




  1. Matt L says:

    Great news, it would be such a wasted opportunity not to do it.

  2. ingolfson says:

    Jarbury will jump up and down in joy!

  3. Jeremy Harris says:

    Actually ingolfson, we should all be thanking Josh profuselly, the work he has done behind the scenes has been amazing and while the politicians have played their part, it is as much a victory for him as them…


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