1. Matt L says:

    Don’t like it personally, I don’t see how it represents Auckland.

  2. anthony says:

    I love it! finally something without the sky tower!

  3. Jon C says:

    @Anthony Good point - or sails! Its grown on me.

  4. Jimmy says:

    When I first looked at it I was kind of underwhelmed. But like Jon it’s growing on me. Well the one in the circle anyway… I still don’t think much of the other two ;)

  5. anthony says:

    i agree with jimmy, the one in the circle is best. :)

  6. Commuter says:

    Heraldically it is quite correct and in terms of design it’s legible, means something and is a lot better than all those other Auckland logos we’ve been subjected to over recent years: the city of [rich peoples'] sails; the truncated, somewhat inebriated, A, etc. It would be good to see it translated into a proper grant of arms via the New Zealand Herald of Arms; far better than the colonial confection the ACC currently labours under (obviously no pun intended). And it would be best to see it as a component part of an integrated train/bus/ferry livery!

  7. ingolfson says:

    I guess I could live with it, but I am not overwhelmed. I couldn’t even tell it was a Pohutakawa.

  8. Johans says:

    Why is my head screaming “retro wallpaper patterns”?

  9. Andu says:

    Quite like it! I groaned when I first heard about so am pleasantly surprised.

  10. Joshua says:

    Oh my god, can’t believe people actually like this, I thought Joyce had designed it, it’s right out of the 1980 design book, WTF. I guess it just symbolises how far behind Auckland really is, we will create a new council in 2011, but have it look 100years old. Come on why can’t we just steal the Auckland tourism logo, looks much better, much more modern, just 100%beta!!!!!!

  11. Kel says:

    I like the one in the circle! It’s simple and different - kind of reminds me of Japan or Taiwan’s prefecture flags which have simple designs with nice colours and end up being strikingly attractive. I guess Auckland doesn’t need to keep trying to show itself as modern and ‘blue’ all the time..

  12. Joshua says:

    modern - No we don’t, but do we really need to go back in time?

    blue - yes thats our cities colour, why would you detract from that?

  13. Jeremy Harris says:

    A friend of mine suggested today that the logo be a motorway with the monopoly man above it… Quite good I think…

  14. jarbury says:

    Once the RMA reforms take effect in 2012 it’ll probably be the last pohutukawa left in Auckland, so enjoy it!

  15. Darren says:

    The logo is an ARC hang-over, this is a logo not a brand. The Community Boards will shape the brand over the next 24 months, Hopefully the Supercity structure will pay homage torefer to Vladimir Tatlin’s model.

    Why do people keep on trying to re-invent the wheel. WHen all they are doing is changing the tread pattern or hubcap.

    The logo does not reflect the future of Auckland moving forward, but is a reflection of the past in both colour and representative components.

    A Great Opportunity Lost!


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