Baguley Win For Cyclists


Cr Ken Baguley,  chairperson, of Auckland City’s transport committee today won a great concession for cycling/walking in Auckland’s CBD to be built over the next two years.

At the council’s Combined Committee meeting to pass the annual budget, Mr Baguley won an impressive  $750,000 in investment for cycling in a very important part of the city - from the University of Auckland across Grafton Gully to the Domain and to the proposed future Parnell Rail station in Cheshire Street.

At the moment, cycling in this precinct is difficult because of the mini spaghetti junction of roading.

Here’s what the funds will deliver over two years:

  • Design a cycle lane from Grafton Rd to Stanley St into the Domain and to the proposed Parnell station on Cheshire St
  • Development of a citywide bike stand policy
  • purchase of ten bike stands (heavy duty big racks) for 2010/2011
  • cycleway build - Grafton to Parnell train station
  • purchase of ten bike stands as above for 2011/2012

It was passed by all C&R and City Vision councillors with one objection from an independent.

Thanks councillors- that’s good news for cyclists who will appreciate it.

Cr Aaron Bhatnagar said : It’s actually a strategically important piece of cycleway because it beautifully links three aspects of the city - the Uni, Rail and cycling/walking linking the CBD with Parnell through a motorway junction.

Interesting that the proposed Parnell train station gets a mention.

It should be discussed again with the ARC next month including the difficult funding issue.

Well at least we can cycle there now.




  1. Su Yin Khoo says:

    That’s great news! I feel a little sheepish now having written him a caustic email about the lack of bike racks (in support of Nextbikes)

  2. Christopher says:

    That’s great news to hear!!

  3. Jeremy Harris says:

    Great stuff, if only the cycling budget had been spent in full for, oh say, the last decade…

  4. Julian Hulls says:

    This is great news for cycling in Auckland, Cr Baguley has shown some real vision doing this. It may even serve as a catalyst for completing the NW cycle route to the Uni. Great work Ken.

    Su Yin - The need for bike racks in a true network, across the city, from which Nextbike can provide its service, still remains. So don’t be worried about your letter.
    Development of bike stand policy is interesting, but I’d worry that the Council would over think it, employ a consultant and spend a bunch of money writing it. It’s pretty straight forward, I’m sure Cycle Action Auckland would have the expertise to turn this around in less than a week at no cost to city council, leaving more funds for cycle parking.

  5. ingolfson says:

    Sounds good. After a few recent disappointments with ACC & cycling, this is nice to hear. Should also put some extra heat on finally getting cycling and walking access over Wellesly Street East motorway bridge. That would be good too.

    I’m a bit confused though:
    - cycleway build – Grafton to Parnell train station
    - Design a cycle lane from Grafton Rd to Stanley St into the Domain and to the proposed Parnell station on Cheshire St

    Isn’t that the same route? And will it be a cycle lane (well, hopefully lanes - you need them both ways) or an off-road route?

    It certainly is a hostile area down there at the moment, where the motorway peters out.

    So yeah, good on Baguely. Maybe he’s getting a bit into cycling…

  6. LarryH says:

    What would be nice would be to continue this bike lane/path up parallel to the tracks up to Newmarket, through the 2nd tunnel under Parnell Street.


    Cycle Action says -fantastic - we need all the bike stands we can get if we are to get people using bikes for transport in the CBD.
    (only 300 in whole Auckland region right now!)

    and it’s great to see Auckland city working to complete NZTA’s great raft of cycle projects around the NW cyccleway and extending thru spaghetti junction - we needed ACC to put in local links to make it work.

    let’s hope this spells a change of heart towards the provision of public bikes to give people non car options in CBD and central town centres - to complement bus, train and foot!! we are happy with Cr Bagueley’s announcement!!:):)


  8. Carl says:

    As a keen cyclist living overseas, but who’s looking to make the shift back home, this is great news. I ride to work through London most days and it’s a breeze compared to Auckland - and not because it’s flat either. Cycling is getting huge investment here because our mayor is himself a keen cyclist. There’s comprehensive cycleways, the drivers are mostly courteous, and surprisingly, the congested (or traffic calmed) roads seem to make cycling safer as the traffic moves slower (where there’s room of course). If any mayoral candidates are out there I’d like to see something like this: … and the harbour bridge crossing

  9. ingolfson says:

    Has some more detail on the proposal. Interesting development - hopefully it will be wide enough (3m plus) because I can see it getting a lot of pedestrian traffic too.

  10. silverado says:

    Great news. The cynics among us may be wondering if this largess coincides with election year. Perhaps, but all the more reason to keep the pressure on the council and the key players to continue providing better transport facilities for Aucklanders that don’t focus on the car. Let’s hope that Cr Baguley is starting to see some common sense.

  11. LucyJH says:

    This sounds good and I’m pleased they’re putting money into it. I really hope they will also eventually build SOMETHING for cyclists coming into uni the other way (from Grey Lynn, Kingsland, etc). The current cycle lanes on Symonds Street are horifically dangerous.

  12. Jeremy Harris says:

    At Barb, where is the CAA meeting tonight..? I missed a meeting you guys had on Tues as I couldn’t get away from work…

  13. Barb Insull says:

    Ellen Melville Hall (downstairs)
    1 Freyburg place
    off High St
    CBD @ 7.30

  14. ingolfson says:

    “The cynics among us may be wondering if this largess coincides with election year.”

    Well, even if its election year promises & gifts, its good to see that cyclists are now important enough to receive those.

    “I really hope they will also eventually build SOMETHING for cyclists coming into uni the other way (from Grey Lynn, Kingsland, etc).”

    Lucy, NZTA is preparing to build a continuation of the Northwestern Cycleway through the Sphagetti Junction and then to the University. Not Council in this case, but the end result should be the same. Only downside is that you will have to go back up the hill at Wellesly Street East from Grafton Gully up to the Uni. But you’ll be able to stay off-road from Kingsland and Grey Lynn for 99% of the way.

  15. Jeremy Harris says:

    Enjoyed the CAA meeting tonight, it was great…

  16. Barb Insull says:

    very glad to see you there and chat -look forward to working on the ETA rally with you :)


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