PM: Auckland Transport Way to Go


The prime minister has again rejected the idea that Auckland’s new  transport agency should be an in-house operation and not one that is passed across to a commercial council-controlled operation.

Answering parliamentary questions from Labour leader Phil Goff who said the government was ignoring advice from numerous quarters, Mr Key said: “We reject that assertion. Secondly, I tell the member that I have seen that the most significant issue that Auckland faces is probably transport.

“There is a widespread willingness to see transport operating efficiently in Auckland, just as there is around the country. I might add that, when he was in Government, I did not see that member ripping up the equivalent of the transport agency, which is exactly what the council-controlled organisation is.”

Mr Key also insisted privatisation of Auckland’a assets weren’t part of the agenda.

“There is no privatisation as part of the reform of Auckland. It is nothing to do with that. If there are asset sales, then that is a matter for the Auckland Council, just like it would be for any other council.

“I have no doubt that, when those elections take place, members, as they seek election, will make it clear what their plans and proposals are in that regard.”




  1. Jeremy Harris says:

    Watch the video, it is linked on red alert… Key, who is usually poor in question time, was unusually bad yesterday…


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