Train Workers Mark Deaths


Trains were to stop  at 12 noon for one minute to remember those who have died at work, a union initiative to mark Workers Memorial Day.

“Members of our union work in dangerous industries,” said RMTU General Secretary Wayne Butson.

“This is a day when we remember that since 1994 we have had 27 RMTU rail and port members killed at work. RMTU members attending memorial events today will have all of those 27 workers in their thoughts.”

“We also have many level crossing accidents and trespasser events which mean death and serious injury is an unfortunate companion to our industry.”

“Although the workplace fatality record has improved since a ministerial inquiry in 2000, all workplace deaths are preventable,” Wayne Butson said.

“As well as drawing attention to the human cost of workplace fatalities, accidents and disease, today we call for strong legislative protection for workers to prevent these.  Recent signals that the ACC work account will be handed over to insurance firms is just one area where our members have deep concern at the government’s approach to health and safety.”

“Workers have the right to go to work and come home unharmed.  ‘Mourn the dead, fight for the living’ remains the banner which we mark Workers Memorial Day with, and pledge to protecting and looking after our fellow worker,” Wayne Butson said.





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