More Info For Motorists


NZTA will roll out a new public information service for drivers next Monday, designed to provide estimated travel times to key destinations around Auckland.

This is in addition to the online webcams.

It happens as NZTA moves into a new transport centre at the Smales Farm Technology Park at Takapuna, replacing the previous facility at the North Shore end of the harbour bridge near the Stafford Road off-ramp at Northcote.

NZTA Regional Director for Auckland, Wayne McDonald says that providing reliable travel information helps to avoid crashes, clears those that do occur more quickly and safely, and makes more efficient use of the existing motorway system by reducing travel times, energy consumption and pollutants.

“Traffic congestion is a significant issue for Auckland, estimated to cost the region up to $1 billion a year,” says Mr McDonald. “We believe the services provided by the Traffic Operations Centre will reduce the cost of congestion by at least $50 million per year.”

Mr McDonald says the NZTA will work with local authorities in Auckland to introduce further improvements in future to further reduce congestion costs.

“The availability of high quality information about road conditions enables people to make informed travel decisions both before they set off and during their journey.”

Drivers will be able to tap into better information about traffic flows





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