Police Study Fatal Accident


North Canterbury police are trying to work out what could have caused today’s triple fatality involving a collision between a bus and a car.

No one on the bus was injured but the male driver of the car (aged 21), and two rear seat passengers, a female aged 16 and a male (aged 16) died at the scene.

Two passengers from the car (male aged 37 and male aged 16) were airlifted to Christchurch Public Hospital where they are in a serious but stable condition.

The accident happened at Woodend, north Canterburt, at 11:20 am when a car travelling south on State Highway 1 was involved in a head-on crash with a bus travelling north.

Inspector Al Stewart says the crash happened on a straight piece of the state highway, the road was clear and dry and there appeared to be no external factors that have contributed to the incident.

“It will be important now for the investigation to run its course to identify exactly what has happened inside the car that may have contributed to the crash.

“Both front seat occupants of the car were wearing their seatbelts, but it appears that none of the three rear seat passengers had been wearing theirs.

“There was evidence of alcohol at the scene, but it has not yet been confirmed whether or not the occupants of the car had been drinking.

State highway 1 south of Woodend was closed for approximately six hours while the scene was examined and debris removed.





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