Too Many Drunk Drivers


There are still too many drunk drivers on the roads.

Over the weekend, until 4 this morning, police conducted an operation targeting drink driving in Waitakere City.

The operation saw a total of 10360 vehicles stopped at nine check points strategically placed around the Waitakere suburbs.

A total of 71 drivers were detected driving with excess breath alcohol 23 of these drivers elected to have blood tests taken, which will determine whether or not they too will face court proceedings.

A total of 23 drivers had their licenses suspended due to the high alcohol levels detected, another 15 persons were arrested for a variety of offences including Breach of Bail, Fines Warrants, Driving whilst disqualified, Driving whilst forbidden.  Ministry of Justice collectors were also present and seized a total of 34 vehicles with outstanding fines totaling over $77,000.




  1. Jeremy Harris says:

    Great to see all those cars off the road..!


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