Wgtn Transport Gets Real-Time Info


Wellingtonians are one step closer to knowing when their bus or train will actually arrive, with a pilot of the region’s real time information system getting underway,

Real time information will enable commuters to find out (through the Internet, texting or signage at stops) exactly when their buses will arrive, based on the actual location and progress of the bus, which is monitored through GPS.
The month-long pilot involves 25 GO Wellington buses running on the no.14 (Wilton to Kilbirnie) route.

A display screen has been installed at Greater Wellington’s offices for project staff to monitor but the public will not be able to access this information during the pilot.

Fran Wilde, Chair of Greater Wellington Regional Council , said that real time information would be a “major step change” for Wellington commuters and testing the system through a pilot scheme was bringing it closer to reality.
Bruce Kenyon, General Manager, GO Wellington, says the success of the pilot will trigger exact timing of the rollout of the full system. At this stage he is expecting live implementation to begin in October this year and be completed in 12 months time.

The system will be rolled out on all buses in the region, followed by trains.

Wellington train users will get real-time info

The full system will provide arrival time information at up to 250 display signs at bus stops and railway stations. The information will also be available via the Metlink website, txtBUS, txtTRAIN and other established sources including Google Transit.
Greater Wellington has contracted British company ACIS, in partnership with local telecommunications firm Kordia, to develop, install and maintain the system in Wellington.

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  1. Nick says:

    In the mean time there will be an iPhone Application that will provide crowdsourced timetable information. http://www.tmro.net/2010/02/wellington-real-time-bus-info/

    The app is currently being tested by a limited group of beta testers and should be released in June.
    Also apps like WelliBUS and AKL Transit will be hooking into the real time feed once it becomes available.


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