Onehunga Update


It’s good to see things starting to crank up now around the development of the Onehunga station.

Track formation is the next stage of the Onehunga train station site development, according to an ARTA report.

Auckland City Council recently granted consent to KiwiRail for the minor modification of the railway designation which will allow the construction of the station on the ITM site to proceed.

The new station on the ITM site is outside the rail corridor so required the consent.

Space cleared in front of the Prince St apartment block

ARTA has advised the neighbouring residents of Princes Street that the consent has been approved and has offered to meet them.

Further applications for necessary resource consents have been lodged. The station and approaches (including pedestrian footpaths and a ramp from Onehunga Mall) are funded by ARTA.

Final detailed designs for the station and approaches, and enhancements (such as landscaping, entrance plaza, interpretation boards, and the proposed temporary park and ride facility) are being developed. The funding is being discussed with Auckland City Council and ARTA with the intention that there can be some sharing of costs.

The former ITM building site gets cleared

The northern portion of the ITM has been suggested by ARTA for use in the short term for a temporary park and ride, as this will support early rail patronage.

Costings for this are being obtained and this may require additional funding.

Urban development of the former ITM site will be considered in the medium to longer term, after the line gets started.




  1. ingolfson says:

    Mmmh, would someone from, say, Mangere Bridge drive here and get on the train? I guess they could do, so a park and ride may make some sense, especially as the reidential catchments of Onehunga are one-sided to the north and northwest of the station (of course users SHOULD really use the bike - and I think more will, once all the current changes for cyclists are finished in a few months - but meh, even with a car to here it’s probably still better than driving all the way to say, Newmarket or the CBD…)


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