Cyclists Silent Ride


On Wednesday, Auckland cyclists will join others from 300 cities to mark those who have been injured or killed on public roads and to ask that we all share the road.

The ‘Ride of Silence’ event is to bring cyclists together for a common cause on a slow and silent bike ride.

CAA Chair Mark Bracey says “Cycling is a relatively safe recreational sport and transport option in Auckland. But our members also want to acknowledge that cyclists can be vulnerable. Although cyclists have a legal right to share the road, the motoring public often isn’t aware of these rights. There are also times when motorists are simply not aware of the presence of cyclists on the road”.

“We are spreading the message that cycling can be just as safe, if not safer, than other forms of transport, which is supported by a growing number of Aucklanders taking up cycling in recent years. It is therefore vital that motorists share our roads and note the increasing presence of cyclists “, says Mr Bracey.

The Auckland Central ‘Ride of Silence’ will depart from Bike Central in Britomart Place at 7pm and will be preceded by a brief memorial.  The ride itself is a 5 km circular route through the CBD and Viaduct. It was originally organised by members of the Old Codgers Bike Club, and this year includes representatives of VeloCity and Cycle Action Auckland. Details can be found at

A North Shore ride has been organised by the Devonport Xpressos, a social group of road cyclists. It will set off at 7pm from the Victoria Dairy (corner of Victoria Rd and Ewan Alison Ave), travelling as a loop along the Lake Rd cycle lane to Hauraki Corner.

The Rodney area event will start outside the RDC building on Centreway Road at 5.20pm and the ride will be preceded by a brief memorial and a prayer. The ride itself is a 4.5km loop around Centreway Road, Loop Road, HBC Highway and West Hoe Road.





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