The Weather


Nothing to do with transport… but as today’s crap weather is the talking point..

Check out this hailstorm in Oklahoma this week.

It starts off like a normal hailstorm then ends like..well nothing I have seen!




  1. Paul says:

    Only golf ball size, Tennis ball size landed in Sydney western burbs a couple of years ago now, 1 in 3 roofs had damage, 10k of damage was done to my place. Another 1/2 km away the hail was more intense. I’m Glad we were not home.

  2. Geoff says:

    I haven’t seen hail in big sizes before, but I did see a hail storm north of Gisborne once in which so much of it came down there were drifts of it against buildings about a foot deep. Everywhere else was a solid blanket of white, like snow.

  3. Gazza says:

    Lets get up to date, Perth had golf ball hail earlier THIS year so what happened in the US is not particularly new.


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