PM: Cycleways On Track


Prime minister John Key inists the national cycleway plans are on track and reports suggesting otherwise are misleading.

He told a post-Cabinet news conference this afternoon that by October 2011, he expects 2000 kilometres to be ready.

He said that is all the conditions are met, he expects 20 cycleways to be under construction by the end of this year.

PM insists his cycleway dream is on track

He said that the complexity is not the construction but the feasibility work that is needed to do and ensuring the projects were kept within budget.

With DOC land, it was easier as the government owned the land involved but for other cycleways, local councils had to work with their communities and get the necessary permission.

Mr Key said that the true figure on jobs created so far was 70 but it was still hoped that 500 people would end up being involved - 500 was “ambitious but that’s our target.”

The prime minister said that the exciting prospect was the longer- term jobs that would be created with people working on businesses associated with the cycleways.




  1. ingolfson says:

    I kinda figured they would need a lot of time sorting the resource consents. Thankfully, they agreed to provide the money, put it aside and all - or the naysayers would be pulling this thing apart after all.

    Still, watch out for Brian Rudman to lambast the project in the next few days. Maybe we will again be told of what a pipedream cycling is. Repeat and loop…


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