Alan Wakes Up


The man struck by a train in Levin on Friday night has today woken up in hospital.

He has  has nodded ‘yes’ to his name being Alan.

He is unable to speak at this stage but is nodding ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to questions.
But Police say the man appears quite confused giving inconsistent responses to questions. One question to which he has given a consistent and positive response is that his name is ‘Alan’.

They say that clearly ‘Alan’ has been through an horrific ordeal, he is in a great deal of pain and Police are only able to speak to him in short intervals as his welfare has to take priority.
Tomorrow he needs to undergo further surgery which will again limit any communication between him and the Police.
It may be some days before Police know any more about ‘Alan’ or whether he is able to tell Police anything about what happened on Friday night.

The incident happened at Levin railway station shortly before 7pm. The Capital Connection commuter train had made its scheduled stop at Levin. As it moved out of the station someone on the platform noticed there was a man lying seriously injured on the tracks.

The train driver, unaware of what had happened had continued on its journey but was quickly notified and stopped at Koputaroa about 5km further along the line.

It is still not clear what happened at Levin station on Friday night and Police want to hear from anyone who saw the man on the platform or saw how he came to be on the tracks.





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