SuperCity Protest Hits Traffic


Expects delays around here

A protest by northern residents fighting the SuperCity changes will mess with Queens Birthday holiday traffic heading north on Friday afternoon.

The Northern Action group is protesting the plan to shift the northern boundary of Auckland south from Te Hana to Puhoi.

They are putting together a slow-moving convoy of cars and  farm vehicles. The plan is to move off from the Northern Gateway tolling booth, just south of Puhoi, around 3.30pm and travel north 19 kilometres along the highway to Warkworth.

NZTA today  suggested motorists travelling north from Auckland allow extra time for travel and southbound travellers should note that will be likely of congestion from protestors around the Northern Gateway Toll Road payment kiosks at Puhoi, restricting access to the machines.




  1. Kel says:

    I have to say this article is very short but actually includes more information that I wanted to know than TVNZ’s article. Mr Jon C, are you wonderful or does TVNZ just have useless/informationless writers? :) Compliments to you for your website :)

  2. Jon C says:

    @Kel I have to agree with you. I am wonderful. LOL


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