4k Over & You’re Done


Police will be enacting a “zero tolerance” and “no excuses” speeding policy this Queens Birthday Weekend.

Police will be out in force over the holiday period and will prosecute every driver caught more than 4km/h over the speed limit.

They say this will help deter unsafe driving which puts lives at risk.

“We will take action against anyone caught driving more than 4 kilometres over the posted permanent speed limit,” says the National Manager of Road Policing, Superintendent Paula Rose. “We will be enforcing a ‘no excuses’ policy towards all individuals who break the speed limit this weekend

“The speed limit is just that - the limit”.

During Queen’s Birthday weekend in 2009, there were 6 fatal crashes and 114 reported injury crashes. These crashes resulted in 10 deaths, 32 serious injuries and 127 minor injuries.
The Easter weekend road toll this year was bad-  12 people died – the highest number in 18 years – and hundreds more were injured.

“This is unacceptable” said the police officer.

The official holiday period for Queen’s Birthday for 2010 will begin at 4pm Friday and end at 6am Tuesday.




  1. Patrick says:

    Is this 4k over limit just for “Queens Birthday Weekend”? or is it replacing the current 10k over limit nation wide?

  2. John Dalley says:

    Just Queens Birthday (I think) at the moment.

  3. Jon C says:

    It’s only over the weekend- but watch it become permanent if it works.

  4. Ian says:

    What an idiot Paula Rose is, trying to occupy the moral high ground while her department prepares to fleece drivers for exceeding the limit at nothing more than walking pace. The recent Easter period saw twelve deaths. So what? How many of those were attributable to drivers exceeding the limit by 4KPH? Deterrent? It’s theft.

  5. Andrew says:

    The cynic in me can see National LOUDLY crying foul - “revenue gathering” - if this happened under a Labour government.

  6. max says:

    Ian, your attitude is what is wrong with motorists in NZ. “It’s revenue gathering” you cry and feel morally able to ignore road rules.

    For your information, 4km can easily be the difference between (my) death and (your) car, and I would happily sign on the dotted line for much harsher repercussions than simply enforcing the law that is there. This is about holding people to account, instead of this horrible “softly softly” approach against what constitutes manslaughter on our roads on a daily basis.


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