More Traffic Webcams


NZTA has put online more web cams for you to keep an eye on Auckland traffic.

NZTA Auckland motorway webcam at rush hour tonight

There are 13 additional webcams on Auckland’s motorway network.

Eight of the new cameras are operating on the Upper Harbour motorway [State Highway18] and five on the Southwestern motorway [SH 20].

Their locations are:

  • Upper Harbour: Tauhinu Bridge [looking east]
  • Albany Highway [east]
  • Tauhinu East [east]
  • Paul Matthews [east]
  • Greenhithe Road [east]
  • George Deane [east]
  • Upper Harbour [east]
  • Wicklam Lane [west]
  • Southwestern:  Dominion Road [looking south]
  • Hillsborough Road [[south]
  • Melrose [south]
  • Queenstown Road [north]
  • Sandringham [north]

Camera images, which are refreshed every 60 seconds, can be viewed on the NZTA’s Auckland traffic website

The 13 additional cameras bring to 36 the number operating on the Auckland network.

The Upper Harbour and Southwestern motorways are part of the developing Western Ring Rout.

As more drivers use it as an alternative motorway route around Auckland web cameras will help them to plan their journeys with more accuracy says the NZTA’s State Highways Manager for Auckland, Tommy Parker.

Webcams also operate in Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch, and the NZTA plans to expand it service for travellers in the South Island and the central North Island.





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