Photos: Pressure On Kingsland


The pressure is on at the Kingsland train station.

Advertising has begun for rugby tickets for the Eden Park match against South Africa as it begins the defence of its Tri-Nations titl.

That match is on July 10.

That’s only just over a month away - and the rugby test is suppose to be the dry run  for the RWC2011 transport arrangements.
The Kingsland platforms are being extended and an underpass readied to cater for the crowds spilling from trains to attend the July 10 match.
That work should be finished at the end of this month - but no work was being done this long weekend so one assumes the project managers are confident it’s on track.
Here’s how it looks today:

Kingsland train station platforms being extended for RWC2011

Kingsland train station underpass for pedestrian overflow

Traffic disruption around the Kingsland train station Sandringham Rd area

It looks like a bomb has hit the area around the stairs to Sandringham Rd




  1. Damo says:

    Wow…am guessing from the lack of action they didn’t work through the holiday weekend then!

  2. rtc says:

    Everyone needs a holiday once and a while ;-) I assume the contractors save money by not having to pay time and a half to the workers.

  3. John Dalley says:

    I expect they will be working around Avondale/New Lynn.

  4. max says:

    I’d rather think their work wasn’t dependant on rail closures, so the Kingsland staff were elsewhere?

    You can’t just hire enough trained staff to get up to the limit of what you can employ usefully during a full closure (i.e. lots and lots), and then fire them again once it is back to working under constrained normal levels….

  5. Mike says:

    If they weren’t at Kingsland, there seemed to be a great deal of activity around the Mt Eden railway station yesterday afternoon. I though it was all double tracked there already, but machinery and contractors all over the place.

  6. max says:

    I assume that every new track can profit from some extra work some time later, after the trains have been going through for a while?


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