Key Auck Transport People Named


Fergus Gammie, currently Chief Executive of  ARTA has this afternoon been appointed Chief Operating Officer of the new Auckland Transport CCO that replaces ARTA in November.

Other key appointments were confirmed - but but yet to be announced is the key appointment of an interim CEO.

The others come from similiar positions in local body in Auckland or NZTA.

They are:

  • Manager Strategy and Planning: Peter Clark, currently General Manager Strategy and Planning, ARTA.
  • Chief Finance Officer: Brian Monk, currently Chief Operating Officer of the Auckland Regional Council. 
  • Chief Infrastructure Officer: Dr Kevin Doherty, currently National Manager Professional Services at the New Zealand Transport Agency.
  • Manager Communications and Public Affairs: Wally Thomas, currently Director Public Affairs, Waitakere City Council.
  • Manager Human Resources: John Woods, currently General Manager Organisation Performance, Auckland City Council. 
  • Manager Road Corridor Operations: Andrew Allen, currently Group Manager, Transport Safety, Assets and Operations, Auckland City Council. 
  • Manager Road Corridor Access: Alan Wallace, currently Group Manager Transport Infrastructure, North Shore City Council. 
  • Manager Public Transport Operations: Mark Lambert, currently General Manager, Customer Services, ARTA. 
  • Manager Major Projects and Project Management Office: Rick Walden, currently Director Economic, Manukau City Council 
  • Manager Finance: Stephen Smith, currently General Manager Corporate Services, ARTA. 
  • Manager Property: Deborah Godinet, currently Group Manager CBD Projects, Auckland City Council. 
  • Manager IT and Business Systems: Roger Jones, currently IT Manager, ARTA. 
  • Manager Community Transport: Matthew Rednall, currently Strategic Transport Planning Manager, ARTA. 
  • Manager Asset Management & Programming: Andrew Finch, currently Transportation Manager (Special Projects), GHD Ltd.




  1. Matt L says:

    It is quite positive the a number of ARTA staff have been retained. This will hopefully mean that there will be some consistency and that much of the work they have been doing won’t be thrown out of the window by the new CCO. Of course much of this will depend on what the appointed board decides to focus on but at least there is a glimmer of hope.

  2. Matt says:

    This is definitely positive. The problem, of course, is that central government is determined to fund roads, not public transport. Given the number of ARTA figures on this board, and ARTA’s position on public transport ahead of roads, things could get interesting.


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