Want a $240,000 Job?


Want a $240,000 job?
Well, stand for the Auckland SuperCity.

The Remuneration Authority has determined that the new Auckland Council mayor will be paid $240,000, and councillors will receive a base rate of $80,000.

Auckland’s present mayor gets $160,000.

The base rate for Local Board members will be between $20,100 (Great Barrier) the minimum base rate and $37,100 (Howick), the maximum base rate. Extra remuneration can accompany additional responsibilities for both councillors and local board members.

Currently,  Auckland has 261 elected representatives, including community board members.

In the new council there will be 170, which minister Rodney Hide says will save ratepayers $1.3 million.

The question is: is $240,000 enough to attract the sort of leader who will make big decisions for Auckland, bearing in mind the mayor will also lose some powers to the CCOs?

And will, as rumours persist, some celebrity suddenly announce their candidacy for the Mayor, famous enough to not have to launch a multi-million last-minute campaign and push through to grab those undecided or unimpressed with the present candidates without people really questioning whether they have more than just star power?




  1. ingolfson says:

    Several ironies here that I do not see the sense for - the remuneration authority obviously thinks it is okay that the mayor gets around 2/3rds of his unelected CEO, and they also agree that the work of a Great Barrier community person is worth less than that of a Howick board member, hust because the locals there end up earning less. Great stuff.

  2. jarbury says:

    I think it’s more that each Local Board member in Howick represents a crap load more people than one on Great Barrier does.

    The pay for the councillors isn’t bad. Means it should be their full time job.

  3. Matt L says:

    I do hope someone more honest, inspriational and visionary comes along before the elections as I don’t really like Banks or Brown at this stage.

  4. karl says:

    In the next three months? Unlikely. And we would have no certainty that said newbie didn’t have some dark spots either - but a lot less time to check for them. Having known quantities like Banks & Brown has some advantages at least.


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