Digger Left In Middle Of Highway

Eastern Waikato Police are scathing about the stupidity of unknown offenders who broke into a parked digger and left it in the middle of a state highway for a vehicle to crash into.
Sergeant Dave Litton of the Waihi Police said emergency services were called to the scene of a crash between a northbound utility and the stationary digger on SH2 in the Athenree Gorge about 4.50am yesterday.
“The danger was further compounded because the offender(s) extended the arm of the 12 tonne digger, heightening the risks to motorists.
“Fortunately the utility, driven by a Waihi man, wasn’t travelling at speed. Though the ute was extensively damaged the male drive escaped with relatively minor injuries.”
Mr Litton said the orange digger (with Transfield written on its side) had been parked off the road by an area of road-works in the gorge.
“Whoever was responsible drove the digger about 20m leaving it in the middle of the highway.
“We’re appealing for information from the public on any sightings of suspicious persons or vehicles in or around the Athenree Gorge around the time of the crash, particularly around the area of road-works on SH2.
Because of the heavy volume of traffic transiting the gorge 24-7 we suspect the digger may have been moved shortly before the crash, obviously this crash could have ended up with far more serious injuries or death and we’re keen to quickly catch whoever was responsible.”
Mr Litton urged anyone with any information on yesterday’s events to contact him at the Waihi Police station on 07 8635236





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