Cyclist Hit ‘n Run Mystery


A North Shore hit and run involving a cyclist is mystifying police because there were no witnesses.

A 40 year old man got multiple injuries after being hit by a motor vehicle at about 5.30am on Wednesday 23 June at the intersection of Porana and Wairau Roads. There are traffic lights at this intersection.

Police have been seeking witnesses to this incident but so far without success.

They are mystified no one has come forward with information, as there is regular daily activity of both vehicles and persons in this area of Wairau Road prior to 5.30am. Early morning commuters access this road to and from work.

The cyclist has told police he was travelling north on Wairau Road and was approaching the intersection of Porana Road. He became aware a vehicle was approaching from his left.

The vehicle has turned left into Wairau Road and was then heading in the same direction as the cyclist. As the vehicle made the turn it crashed into the cyclist causing the male rider to be thrown from his bike.

The vehicle did not stop at the scene of the crash. It continued along Wairau Road. The right hand side of the vehicle has been damaged and the force of the impact has broken the window on driver’s side.

The male victim suffered multiple lacerations in the crash. He continues to receive treatment for his injuries.

Police want the driver of vehicle involved to come forward so that the full circumstances of the incident can be determined. The make, colour, number and model of the offending vehicle is unknown.

Police want anyone who regularly travels in the Wairau Road area at about 5.30am each morning to recall whether they saw any suspicious or damaged vehicles in their area on Wednesday 23 June 2010.





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