Newmarket Viaduct Ahead


The southern half of the $215 million Newmarket Viaduct replacement project is being completed more than six months ahead of schedule.

The initial opening of three lanes on September 6 will allow contractors to complete a fourth southbound lane by early next year.

The announcement follows the installation of the 234th and final segment of the new southbound viaduct at its southern abutment by the St Marks Rd on-ramp.

Installation of beams for the new Gillies Ave bridge, which will connect the north end of the viaduct to the motorway, started tonight to create a continuous structure over 700 metres in length. Over the next seven weeks, the new highway surface will be prepared and solid edge barriers andlighting installed to ready the new bridge for traffic.

Three lanes for the motorway |NZTA Graphic

Contractors federation CEO Jeremy Sole said that the Government’s decision to accelerate state highway projects had provided major benefits for both the public and the civil construction industry, helping companies to maintain skilled staff throughout the recession.

Also today, NZTA celebrated the opening of Plunket Avenue Bridge today – the last of twelve bridges to be completed on the SH20-1 Manukau Extension project as part of the Western Ring Route.

Motorists will have access to the bridge from this Friday.

Plunket Avenue had been closed for five weeks between Keith Hay Drive and Falcon Avenue so that work on the 205 metre-long bridge over the new motorway could be completed. The two-lane bridge provides connections between local Manukau roads.




  1. karl says:

    How about using the blue gantry for some new rail bridges next?

    I also hope that they will do an open day at some stage - looking at Newmarket from up there would be kinda cool. From what I heard from the project team, it is at least being considered.

    Does anyone know what will happen to the Dilworth Avenue footbridge south of the Viaduct? NZTA were talking of replacing / upgrading it…

  2. Bill says:

    Absolutely well done to NZTA, the contractors and more importantly the hardworking men and women who are not just constructing this new viaduct for motorists and commuters but constructing it for the benefit and enjoyment of all New Zealanders. I look forward to the Public Open Day and subsequent official opening of the viaduct both north- and southbound on SH1. Everyone would benefit from this.

  3. Jon C says:

    @Bill Thanks Bill. Good to see some positive comments about this. It will make a big difference.

  4. Anthony says:

    I like how it has been future-proofed so that whenever the viaduct needs to extend another lane for the northbound side whenever it is needed

  5. karl says:

    Anthony, that extra northbound lane: Do we really want the busiest motorway section of New Zealand (which will then become even busier with the new fourth southbound lane) to become EVEN BUSIER? Despite SH20 supposedly giving us an alternative route through South Auckland which is to take traffic off SH1?

    And how would we ever build another northbound lane - at the cost of again bulldozing houses along a stretch from at least Remuera to the CBD? At the cost of removing the major rock outcrop above the Gillies Interchange, and building right up to the historical Auckland Grammar School?

    Where does it stop? Once there aren’t any more houses to live in in Auckland, so we don’t need any more motorways? Once the traffic is so bad even offices and retail flee Auckland?

    I support the Newmarket Viaduct project because it gives us increased earthquake protection, and because a rebuild was not much more expensive than refitting the old viaduct. And I agree that NZTA are doing good work. But let’s nip this talk of further motorways, motorways, motorways in the bud.

    Put a cycleway on the space left for a fourth lane. THAT would show some courage and lateral thinking.


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