Official Biofuel Report Out


A report from the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment today is calling for a more strategic approach to biofuels.

Dr Jan Wright says that if biofuels are to play a significant role in our energy future, then drop-in biodiesel made from wood looks like the way to go.

“Current biofuels are limited by the need to blend them with fossil fuels and by limited feedstocks. But wood is plentiful and can be made into fuel that can be dropped straight into fuel tanks without blending.

“Focusing on biodiesel is particularly important as diesel is critical to our economy – it fuels our trucks, trains, tractors and fishing boats.”

The report was triggered by Dr Wright’s submission on the Sustainable Biofuel Bill.

“While the intent of the Sustainable Biofuels bill is good, it cannot be made to work because of problems including its clash with current free trade policy. As such I cannot recommend it proceed.”

She explains her views:

Read her report here





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