New Car Market Retreating


The latest car registration data shows the new car market is retreating.

In July it was below both that recorded in both the two previous Junes.

The NZTA registration data figures show that July sales of 4446 new passengers cars were down 23% over June 2010 and 1% percent compared to June 2009, making it the second smallest month for the year to date.

The Motor Trade Association says that the market this year has shown a modest but steady improvement and July marks the first reversal in this trend, although the overall new car market remains ahead of last year by 15%.

And few people are buying motorbikes.

The motorcycle segment remained soft at just 384 units; the lowest total for 2010 and in fact the lowest in more than 6 years. Compared to June, sales were down by just 2% but 24% compared to July 2009. On a year to date basis, the motorcycle market is down by 23%.

Analysing new cars sales, the passenger car market was again led overall by:

  • Toyota with sales of 668 units and a 15% market share
  • Ford reclaimed second spot with sales of 502 units and an 11% share.
  • 3rd was Holden with sales of 441 units and a 9.9%  share
  • Closely followed by Mazda with sales of 438 units and 9.8% share
  • 5th Hyundai with sales of 373 units and an 8.3% share of the market.

Toyota (17%) remains the clear new car market leader for the year to date ahead of Holden (10.5%) narrowly ahead of Ford (10%)).

But in this tight market, Toyota’s popular Corollla didn’t win this month in terms of individual models sold.

Ford Falcon emerged the leader in terms of individual model sales with 210 units

  • Toyota Corolla took second spot with 181 units
  • Mazda’s Mazda3 was in third with 164 units
  • Suzuki Swift was just behind in fourth with 158 units
  • Holden Commodore 5th with 155 units.

People may not have bought new cars but in such recessionary times, they did pick up used cars.

July’s 7893 registrations were not only the best for any month this year for used cars , but the highest in the last 26 months. July was 7% ahead of June 2010 and 28%  ahead of July 2009. For the year to date, used import registrations are 39% ahead of 2009.

New commercial vehicle sales of 1551 units were down by 30% compared to the very strong level seen in June, but were still 22% higher than July in 2009. After a slow start to the year, the new commercial sector has picked up in recent months and on a year to date basis, is 11% ahead of 2009.





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