Is A ‘Taxi Bus’ The Answer?


Would a taxi bus service work in some areas?

Warkworth residents are being surveyed on a taxi-bus service to see if this could be a solution to the lack of public transport in the area.

The survey has been prepared by ARTA and Rodney District Council, in conjunction with Hikurangi Foundation who initiated the idea for such a service.

Well known cycling advocate Bevan Woodward, who is behind the plan says traditional bus services working to fixed routes generally don’t work well in rural areas due to the small and dispersed populations.

“I’ve recently visited a number of Taxi-bus operators in Europe who are providing cost-effective and convenient door-to-door public transport. If a trial goes ahead, it will be as easy as making a phone call or texting to request a ride. Such a service will assist the residents in the Warkworth area who are unable to drive, such as the elderly or teenagers, and also provide an option to tourists who appreciate the convenience of good public transport whilst reducing their carbon footprint.”




  1. karl says:

    Might work, but the subsidies will be high - so it can only really be supported if one agrees that the benefit of greater rural mobility is worth the money, or by cancelling a few classical bus routes in response to installing the new services.


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