BOP Bus Fares Up


Bus fares on the Bay of Plenty’s passenger transport network rise on October 1, the latest around the country.
One wonders when Auckland’s next rise will be beyond a GST rise - to fit into the the Government’s farebox recovery
plan which makes Aucklanders “more fairly” pay the costs.
The BOP rise, of around 5%, is blamed on the GST rise and “to account for past inflation.”

Bay of Plenty Regional Council Transport Policy Manager Garry Maloney said depending on the bus route taken, passengers may find their fare has increased slightly more or slightly less than the five percent amount.

“We’ve had to allow for the fact that a strict five percent rise would not have worked for passengers paying for their fare on the bus with cash,” Mr Maloney said. “To account for this, the cash fare has been rounded to the nearest 10 cents.”

The five percent increase will also be applied to passengers using SmartRide cards.





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