Rob Roy Now 28 Metres Along


Contractors have made excellent progress moving Auckland‘s Rob Roy Hotel 9 metres this morning, and the historic building is now 28 metres along the journey to its temporary home.
The 124-year-old hotel is being moved a total of 40 metres so that necessary work can start on the Victoria Park Tunnel project.

NZTA’s Tommy Parker, says clearing the brick and mortar building from its original foundations has made a considerable difference to the speed of the move.
“The hotel is now crossing ground that is stronger and more stable and this has enabled the team to extend the reach of the hydraulic rams pushing the hotel each time the building is moved,” says Mr Parker.
Hydraulic rams gently push the hotel along four concrete runways which are covered with Teflon to allow the building to slide more easily. The rams can stretch out for a maximum of 1.8 metres, but movements have been shorter so that the team of experts responsible for the move can continually monitor the runways and the hotel for stability and stress.

The move will mean that work can start on the southern portal of the Victoria Park Tunnel.
The NZTA is confident the move will be completed today, but Mr Parker repeated that time is not the issue and the priority remains to get the hotel to its destination safely.

When construction is completed in about six months, the building will be moved again on the runways back to its original site, which will be above the portal.

Built as the Rob Roy Tavern in 1886, it was originally situated on the waterfront, prior to the reclamation of Freemans Bay.





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