Christchurch Buses Start Again


Some Christchurch bus services are operating again this morning. But aftershocks overnight have prompted re-inspection of rail.
Metro bus services are operating for Christchurch, Selwyn, and Waimakariri districts, but there are some exceptions.
The company says its operations are being reviewed on a daily basis.

The biggest problem is that the most of the Christchurch CBD remains cordoned off so the buses will have to drop off passengers at set drop off points as close to the cordon as possiible -and these drop off points will change as the cordon situation changes. Current drop off points will be around  Moorhouse Avenue, Fitzgerald Avenue, Barbadoes Street, Kilmore Street and Durham Street.

The emergency management centre this morning instructed Police to reduce the cordons surrounding the CBD.  The restricted access area is now bounded by Colombo, Worcester, Madras and St Asaph Streets.  Entry to these areas will be through checkpoints at Colombo and Lichfield St and Madras and Cashel Street intersections. Staff at these checkpoints will be keeping a record of all people who enter the restricted areas especially because of continuing aftershocks.

An update on rail and port issues:

Aftershocks overnight have prompted re-inspection of the rail which will affect services this morning until the all-clear is given.

  • Lyttelton Port reports that the channel has been surveyed and deemed safe for a tanker due on September 13.
  • The TranzAlpine is due to operate today
  • Solid Energy coal trains from the West Coast to Lyttelton can operate
  • Picton–Christchurch services will hopefully return to normal after midday
  • Normal service is operating south of Christchurch. Customers have requested increased capacity on trains and ferries to convey fast moving consumer goods from North to South.
  • Interislander ferry capacity is able to cope. One extra return sailing for commercial vehicles is scheduled to run tonight
  • Christchurch Airport is open and all service currently operating.
  • All main urban arterials in Christchurch are open, except those in the CBD area. These are not closed due to the state of the roads, but due to risk from unsafe buildings. The State Highway network in Canterbury has been checked, including structural checks.
  • Bridges have all been checked and culverts are now being checked for displacement.
    SH 77 Glentunnel to Glenroy closed due to an underslip moving further but a signed detour is in place.
  • SH74 is closed: Anzac Drive (between Travis Road and New Brighton road) and Dyers Road (between Pages Road and Metro Place) in Christchurch City. Alternative routes are available, however, fixing this will be a priority as this is the route to the Port.

In other post- quake developments today:

  • There have been around 17000 claims with EQC so far. EQC will have 120 assessors in place over the coming week, and contact has already been made with property owners who have registered claims that their properties are uninhabitable.:
  • The central business district of Kaiapoi is still being assessed with approximately 22
    buildings still being deemed as too dangerous to enter.
  • Schools re-open tomorrow
  • An increasing number of buildings being deemed unsafe, including some that previously appeared safe.
  • An extensive number of aftershocks of between Magnitude 3.2 and 5.4 have occurred and the likelihood of aftershocks of up to around Magnitude 6 will remain for the next week.
  • The weather forecast through to Thursday is for cool conditions and patchy rain, returning to mainly fine conditions on Friday. Immediate concerns regarding potential flooding in the lower reaches of the Waimakariri River have passed, but the structural integrity of weakened stopbanks remains a concern for future heavy rain events.
  • Public health remains the main area of concern, with damage to sewerage and water systems expected to cause issues for at least another week.





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