Sea Slugs At Mission Bay Now


Auckland’s beach sea slugs are popping out all over.

For the  first time, the sea slugs have been collected from Mission Bay and another has been found in rock pools close to Kelly Tarltons.

Auckland council is closely monitoring beaches and officers are distributing cautionary leaflets.

The sea slugs generally appear at low tide and today was an extremely low tide.

Environmental health manager Chris Dee said there appears to be a relationship between strong on-shore winds and the appearance of the creatures.

“Last year they appeared between July and October and were absent for the rest of the year, suggesting some relationship between their appearance and their life cycle,” he said.

The poison from the slugs is very toxic to dogs and potentially toxic to humans.

Further sightings should be reported immediately to the council on 379 2020.  If you find one and can safely collect it, using a plastic bag or container, do so making sure you do not touch it and thoroughly wash hands afterwards. Alternatively, mark the spot and leave it well alone.  An environmental health officer will remove it safely.





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