Gull Launches Biodiesel Blend


Gull is introducing a new 5%  biodiesel blend.

The new fuel is a blend of ordinary diesel with 5% biodiesel made from used cooking oil.

Associate Energy and Resources Minister Pansy Wong, in launching it today, said that until now, biodiesel has mainly been purchased by businesses buying either directly from producers or from co-operatives, such as that set up in Queenstown earlier this year.

Gull’s move to open up retail sales means the average motorist also has an opportunity to try a higher biodiesel blend than ever before.

Virtually all diesel vehicles can use B5 – a five per cent biodiesel blend – without any engine or fuel system modifications, Mrs Wong said, but some minor precautions should be taken.

EECA recommends that if a car’s fuel system is old or in poor condition, it may be worth flushing it out before using a biodiesel blend, such as B5.

A mechanic can easily do this.

Because biodiesel has stronger cleaning properties than diesel, it can loosen dirt and carry it through to the fuel filter. If the vehicle’s fuel filter hasn’t been changed recently, EECA recommends that it be changed after the first few fills of a biodiesel blend – which can easily be done when the vehicle is next serviced.

Motorists who are unsure whether their vehicle can use the blend are told tocheck with the vehicle manufacturer.




  1. Anthony M says:

    Cool! i have a new diesel Car, and a new Gull service station is being built in Timaru. i might go and try it out once the station is complete.


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