Supercity Library Fees Details


From the new local body set up on November 1, the fees and loan periods for borrowing items will be consistent across the supercity’s 55 libraries.

Currently the fees and charges differ between the councils and the new terms make libraries much easier for customers. library services across the Auckland region will immediately provide customers with access to 55 libraries and approximately 3.5 million items.

Overdue fees for an adult book will increase to 50 cents per day. Borrowing a ‘hot’ item or a bestseller remains at $5.00.

These include fiction and non-fiction books, CDs, DVDs, games, audio books, foreign language and reference materials, plus more than 100 databases providing access to the world’s information.

There will be no joining or membership fees for residents of the Auckland Council area and everything is free to borrow except for items in high demand and rental collections such as DVDs, CDs, and console games.

Charges on children’s or teen’s overdue books or items no long apply except for rental collections. Borrowing audio books will be free.

Items borrowed before 1 November will be subject to existing terms. If renewed after 1 November the new terms and conditions will apply.

The new Auckland supercity means 55 libraries

New fees and how to avoid them

Any items borrowed after 1 November will be on the new terms. Overdue fees for an adult book will increase to 50 cents per day. Borrowing a ‘hot’ item or a bestseller remains at $5.00.

Reminder notices is a free email service to help customers manage their borrowing and will be available region wide from 1 November.  A reminder notice is emailed to borrowers advising that their item is due in 3 days.  They then have the choice to renew or return the item by its due date. This service is currently available in Auckland, Manukau, Papakura, Franklin, North Shore and Rodney.

The new fees:

Borrowing fees



Downloadable mediaFree


Language coursesFree

Choral sets & sheet music with partsFree

Orchestral setsFree

Sheet musicFree

Music CDs$2.00

Rental DVDs$2.00

Bestsellers magazines$2.00

Bestsellers $5.00

CD ROMs & console games$5.00

Rental Standards$20.00


Overdue charges per day

Children’s & Teens’ items

(except for rentals ) None

Books 50c



Language courses50c

Music CDs50c


Sheet music50c

Choral sets & sheet music with parts$1.00

Orchestral sets$1.00

All Bestsellers$1.00

CD ROMs & console games$1.00

Rental standards$1.00

Loan periods

All items can be renewed once, except for magazines and downloadable media.

Books 28 days

Audio-books 28 days

Language courses 28 days

Sheet music 28 days

Magazines (no renewals)

14 days

Bestsellers 14 days

Music CDs 14 days

CD ROMs & console games 14 days

Rental DVDs 7 days

Rental Standards 7 days

Downloadable media

(customer choice) 7 or 14 days

Choral sets & Sheet music with parts 90 days

Orchestral sets 90 days

Replacement library card $2.00


Out of zone students up to 18 years Free

Out of zone $160 per annum




  1. Owen Thompson says:

    This is the first benefit that I will see of the new Council.

  2. Todd says:

    I’m guessing we will all get new library cards too?


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