More Motorway Money


NZTA has handed out $2.9 million for another part of the Tauranga Eastern Link project.

Last week, the transport minister announced the main construction contract and that work would start within weeks,  more than six months earlier than anticipated. The main construction contract was awarded to a consortium led by Fulton Hogan.

Todays NZTA announcement is for a contract to construct the extension to Kaituna Road and that has gone to HEB Construction Limited.

The section of Kaituna Road to be extended is currently a paper road to the east of the Tauranga Eastern Link  route. The 2.1 kilometre extension will provide access for properties that will be cut off from Pah Road by the TEL.

The project involves relocating utilities, building a new stormwater drainage system and constructing the road extension.

It’s the 5th of 6th support projects for the link.




  1. BD says:

    This is absolutely ridicolous! They seem to think that motorway projects have an unlimited supply of money allocated to them, while public transport projects have to suffer. Like the Auckland railway electrification this should have been given full government funding but the pressure was put on Kiwi rail to foot the bill, where the government gave them a $500million loan to pay back.

    I am 100% opposed the the Tauranga Eastern Link as I believe it to create nothing more than urban sprawl and or a mini version of Auckland. I think this just comes to show that we never learn anything by our mistakes.

  2. Cam says:

    Wow it’s one big roading lolly scramble.

  3. karl says:

    Keeping the contractors occupied. It’s well known within the industry that all these “small” projects that are mostly flying under the radar are being pushed ahead because the construction industry has been calling on National to give them work.

  4. antz says:

    you know, i thought it was about time that National should take the advantage of preventing an urban sprawl. like putting a high frequency bus service to Tauranga CBD and Por and Pedestrain malls next to many small apartments and a park which holds a local market or something.

    but instead in 2025 we would have a clogged up motorway with burb after burb after burb.

    I know! lets start our OWN party! Jon would be the leader, anyone else wanna join?

  5. kalelovil says:

    Or, you could simply vote for the Greens.

  6. BD says:

    The only problem with voting the Greens in guys is that for starters it simply won’t happen. Lets face it the Tauranga Eastern Link wold have been built eventually anways as I remember rightly about 3-4 years ago they allocated a massive road building program, biggest that NZ has ever seen, but on the other hand they did spend a huge amount of money on public transport improvements which have lead to a massive increase in patronage in recent times so Labour aren’t all that bad.

    The only problem now is that we have the Roads of National Significance that National have came up increasing the tranport share to roading even mores.

    I think National are scared about going out there way to fund the big proposed rail projects for Auckland all that I can hope for now is that the business case for the CBD railway loop pays off and we see construction starting very soon.

  7. Andrew says:

    See? This is why we should call them railroads. That way we’d get heaps more funding!


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