Photos: DLs Towed To Te Rapa


The first six of Kiwirail’s 20 new DL class locomotives have arrived in Te Rapa after a scheduled six or so hour tow from Mount Maunganui.

They had arrived in the country at the weekend.

DLs being towed | Michael Mcdonald

All six 108 tonne double-cab diesel-electric DLs locomotives were towed across to Te Rapa to be commissioned. Driver training and maintenance training programmes will be conducted.

DLs arriving just out of Te Rapa |Michael McDonald

BTW That shot is where students are being blamed for lighting a fire by the rail overbridge on Hamilton’s Forest Lake Rd yesterday afternoon.

They return to the Mount around December 10 and will be operating on the Mount to Kinleith and Mount to Kawerau runs initially, just before Christmas.

More Photos: DLs arrive

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  1. Matt L says:

    Why did it take 6 or so hours to get from Tauranga to Hamilton?

  2. Rationale says:

    Lovely shots - this livery is Gold to KiwiRail

  3. Andrew says:

    Restricted to 40kmph and also given time to check them over at various locaitons.

  4. Paul in Sydney says:

    The livery is gold

    Branding wise I think the livery is very strong, the fern, the red (heritage on a number of levels), the name, and the newer bigger KR. Yip I agree it’s gold. Nice, who did it? Any one know?

  5. Steve W says:

    There are so many variations of this livery too. Check out this video to see 2 quite different versions double heading this train

  6. [...] Das Bild zeigt die DLs, wie sie nach Te Rapa bei Hamilton gezogen werden und stammt von der Seite: Photos: DLs Towed To Te Rapa [...]

  7. Nick M says:

    @Steve W - I don’t think there are so many variations - the 2 quite different versions in that video are the only ones I know of. The one with the red on top of the grey was the first livery, but was replaced fairly early on by the red beside the grey that you see on the DLs above.

  8. Steve W says:

    Nick – surprisingly there are all sorts of variations it seems, some of them quite minor like the size of the Fern, the writing, the amount of grey etc. To be honest it’s not something I’ve paid a huge amount of attention to recently.

    Some different liveries that I’ve noted in the past(from memory) are on DXC 5454, DCP4671, DC4260, DXB5143 for starters.

    Not all of the KiwiRail Liveries are done at the Hutt Shops either – I think that DFT7008 was painted at Hillside following a level crossing accident last year and some of the DSG/DSCs were painted there also.

  9. kegan says:

    @Steve W
    “Not all of the KiwiRail Liveries are done at the Hutt Shops either”

    Some have been done at Thorndon too - EFs, for example.

  10. Dave says:

    This is livery style 10.


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