Boardwalk Along Rail Opened


Good to see the Orakei Basin boardwalk running alongside the Eastern rail corridor finally officially opened.

It has been talked about forever.

The 625 metre walking and cycle track provides access across Orakei Creek on the south-eastern side of the basin creating a link between Orakei Road and Purewa Road.

Stage two of the project will be a footbridge across the Orakei Creek linking the Purewa Road end to the water ski club. A further short track will stretch up to the end of Lucerne Road and down the steep steps to the basin, completing the original vision of a loop walkway around Orakei basin.




  1. greenwelly says:

    Is there any indication of how they intend to manage “conflict” between cyclists and pedestrians on this “track”.

    Place like Tamaki drive demonstrate that there is the potential issues between both of these active PT users, so it would be good to know there is some attempt to manage any problems,

    Even it is just a sign advising cyclists that Pedestrians have the right of way and cyclists should give way to them-

    I know it is common sense, but hey in the current day and age it appears that unless it is written on a big sign somewhere, someone will claim they didn’t know and its not their problem.

  2. rtc says:

    Share with care, ring your bell if you’re cycling and the pedestrians will move to the side.


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