SH20 Cavendish Section Opened


The SH20 Cavendish to Puhinui connecting road and westbound on-ramp in Manukau has been opened completing the new SH20-1 Manukau motorway.

This was the final stage of a project which has opened progressively in three stages since August. The $220m Manukau Extension motorway connects the SH20 and SH1 in Manukau and has taken four years to construct.
Work also included completing earthworks for the new Manukau rail link.

The connecting road and on-ramp between the Cavendish and Puhinui Interchanges took three months to build since last September. It involved completely demolishing the old Roscommon Road bridge and building a new sewer line and a new westbound on-ramp. The Puhinui Stream was also diverted and hundreds of native fish carefully relocated to the new section of the stream.

The project forms the “southern gateway to the Western Ring Route.”

The 4.5k long 4-lane motorway eliminates 12 sets of traffic lights, features 12 bridges and three major interchanges at SH1, Lambie Drive and Cavendish Drive.

Some minor resurfacing work will continue to add the finishing touches to intersections on Lambie Drive and Great South Road around the Manukau northbound off-ramp, until Monday/ Some detours will be in place on local roads.



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