Otahuhu Bus Station Cleanup


Otahuhu train station is some way of improvement but Auckland Transport is tackling the worrying Otahuhu bus station.

Auckland Transport, NZ Bus (who operate the station), Auckland Council and the local business association have begun a programme to keep the station clear of graffiti and other vandalism and rubbish.

The graffiti has now gone from station murals and then the walls have been “graffiti-guarded ”

Auckland Transport has also introduced night-time security at the station.

The programme also includes:

  • Removal of vandalised bus shelters on the centre aisle.
  • Toilets will be reopened during the day and early evening with improved regular cleaning and surveillance
  • Local Maori Wardens will be based at the un-used ticket kiosk to add another level of informal surveillance and security
  • There will be a regular presence from Otahuhu neighbourhood policing team to deal with any unwanted or illegal behaviour.

Auckland Transport Public Transport Operations Manager Mark Lambert says the station has been a source of concern for Otahuhu people.

“Auckland Transport has worked closely with NZ Bus and Auckland Council to respond to that community concern by getting arrangements in place to deal with the issues there. “We have a strong focus on encouraging people to use public transport, so tidy and clean facilities are a key part of that.”

NZ Bus General Manager – Southwest, Darek Koper said the safety and well-being of our customers was of paramount importance . “We have a strong customer base in the Otahuhu area and are pleased that we have been able to assist in improving bus facilities for our customers.”

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  1. Matt says:

    Rode past the station on Tuesday evening. Dingy, scungy and nasty are all words that spring to mind. I feel sorry for anyone forced to endure the place.

  2. Otahuhu Bus Station Cleanup - Bus - AKT…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  3. Nankai says:

    This depot was built by New Zealand Railways Road Services in 1985. So now you know who to blame for the lack of bus/rail interchange.


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