Another Meltdown, No Explanation


Some peak time trains tonight  are experiencing disruptions tonight - and as always there is no explanation why.

See Today’s chat for accounts of the problem.



  1. a rumsby says:

    I was at newmarket station when they told us the southern line was close due to a fault at Otahuhu. One of the train Managers said it was cause by car hitting a transformer, which resulted in a power cut. this took out all the points and signal. Therefore the trains had to run on a stop and proceed system. Which meant that the trains had to wait 5 minutes at the faultly signals. I took nearly two hours to get home.

  2. GJA says:

    How come the new TXT service has an Australian number, does that not add costs if the server is based in Australia - or is it all virtual and it does not matter what the “sender’s” number is.

    Secondly, my phone shows the sender’s local time. So if I get a message now, then the sent time is 2 hours earlier. This gets confusing if I’m in a meeting and don’t check my phone for an hour or so.

    Does Veolia have a communication strategy or communication Ps&Ps? If so, then I do not think anybody’s performance rating is based on it - or Veolia saves a lot of money in not having to give increases or bonuses ;-) Or they just do not have any ideas how to run a business…


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