Residents Angry About Motorway Plan


An interesting community concern among residents in Wellington’s Hataitai that’s worth keeping an eye on as NZTA  forces through a plan to spend $45m changing Ruahine Street and Wellington Road into a four-lane highway. Wellington Scoop has the story of a protest meeting.

Green co-leader Russell Norman lives in Moxham Avenue. He said he began to get more interested in the four-laning plans when he realised how the quality of life in Hataitai would be damaged. He discovered that the Transport Agency is being secretive about its planning. It has rejected most of the Greens’ requests for information under the Official Information Act. He had learnt that the planners had been considering six lanes or even eight lanes through Hataitai, but the reality would be four lanes.


A motorway would disturb any of Wellington's lovely little villages




  1. Steve says:

    A better caption for the photo would be “part of Wellington nowhere near the proposed four-laning, which isn’t a motorway and almost certainly will follow the existing 70km/h-zoned state highway route.”

  2. richard says:

    I thought a Government Department / Agency was supposed to provide an answer in 7 days under the act?
    When I worked in the Government we couldn’t pick and choose, there was a rush to get the reply out and the information in this case hardly threatens national security so how can they refuse?

    Just because it’s called an agency doesn’t give it any special rights….it’s a Government Department in drag.

  3. Luke says:

    20 working days is the max response time. However from my experience I have to send a reminder email at the end of 20 working days, and then I will receive the answer a few days later.
    NZTA have been especially cagey about this project and the related projects around the Basin Reserve and War Memorial.
    The Ombudsmen takes months to do anything if you complain it seems so NZTA can get away with it.

  4. anthony says:

    humph! they really need to install trams between Johnsonville and Seatorun don’t they?

    Train station
    Airport &
    other high density suburbs

  5. AKT says:

    @Anthony Good plan. Wellington’s Mayor has been know to comment here so maybe she will take you up on the idea.

  6. AKT says:

    @ Steve Much better caption. I couldn’t find my shots of Hataitai so i cheated. Damn. Cant get away with anything on here. LOL

  7. Andrew J says:

    I have no idea why people insist on trams/light rail from Johnsonville. Heavy Rail is not going anywhere. Anybody remember the Northern Public Transport Study several years back, that amongst other things was heavily favouring what would have been the worlds only uni-directional busway? Massive Backtracking took place by GWRC and WCC over that, after it was pointed out by the then Ontrack CEO that the Ontrack owned the Rail Corridor and Infrastructure, that they were not consulted, nor were they going to hand over the rail corridor either!

    Why are we reviving past Public Service Gaffes?

  8. BD says:

    If they want the road built so bad I would either consider tunnelling underneath the neighbourhood or not building it at all, at least if they made a 4 lane tunnel, it would remove traffic off the roads, improve public transport.

    No wonder Japan is way ahead in terms of technology, they have adapted really well to a country with high population density and really mountainous terrian where they tunnel through mountains, or towns with high population density.

    They should also build a light railway line as well.

  9. Tim Doyle says:

    Anyone know how much in-total the final RoNS from airport to Ngauranga will cost? Flyover @ Basin, tunnel duplication, quad laneing to airport - 400, 500 million? I suggest that that money be spent extending the heavy rail network to airport, where the freight as well as passengers can be moved. Could also connect Mirimar. The final part of the state highway could be a rail line, just as it is a gravel road at the other end.

  10. Ian says:

    The Govt messes with Wellington’s intelligentsia at its peril. Witness the short lived plan to conmmercialise the National Programme.


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