Devonport Wharf Makeover


At last Devonport wharf is getting a makeover.
If ever there was an example of some crazy 80s type construction scheme to put a tacky mall in a heritage suburb’s wharf area, this was it

I call it the $2 shop wharf with its sad little shops and plastic environment, lacking any classy character that befits Devonport.

Compared to other cities with seaside villages across the way such as Sydney’s Manly, Devonport is an embarrassment.
That mall also needs refurbishment.

But at least Auckland Council is refurbishing the rundown wharf in a two-stage upgrade that will see visible improvements before Rugby World Cup 2011, and significant structural and facilities improvements commencing in 2012.

The Devonport Wharf refurbishment will tie in with the construction of a Marine Square arrival court linking the terminal to the village, and a spacious boardwalk to be developed between the two wharves.

Devonport's rundown $2 shop wharf

Work scheduled before Rugby World Cup include

  • replacing guttering and damaged cladding;
  • cleaning, plaster repair and repainting internal walls and ceilings;
  • repairing broken concrete pillar bases,
  • new lighting and illuminated signage at the main entrance;
  • minor refurbishments to existing toilets
  • new footlights from the berth to the bus stop on the external walkway.

The wharf, which previously came under North Shore City Council, is now the responsibility of Auckland Transport. The cost of the two-stage refurbishment falls within the normal repair and maintenance budget of Auckland Transport, reprioritised for this work.

There are some minor improvements also planned for the neighbour Victoria Wharf prior to RWC 2011. Further refurbishment will be investigated at a later stage.

The old Devonport ferry

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  1. Sam says:

    *Love* the Kestrel ferry :)
    2nd-hand bookshop(s) at the Devonport Terminal is very good, although building structure - as mentioned - in serious need of overhaul…

  2. James B says:

    The big problem is that the wharf structure was not built to take advantage of the setting. You have one of the best views in Auckland and they chose to build a shopping mall on it. They really need to cut holes in the seaward facing shops and convert them to restaurants. Remove the shops on the shoreward side and open it out to provide a better walking experience for commuters.

  3. DanC says:

    I would like to see a sheltered area on the wharf with outside seating. Maybe a convertible roof for the Auckland weather. Manly in Sydney does it well, but the ferry is not as exposed as Aucklands

    What ever is done is should be done well.

  4. KarlHansen says:

    While the wharf indeed is rundown and in need of TLC, I can’t agree that the shops in it are a bad idea! It’s not a “mall” in all but the most technical sense.

  5. Diane O'Connor says:

    $2 shops on the wharf.What arrogance.If writer is in fact referring to our shop…Red Queen..yes we sell pin back badges at $3 or 4 for $10, we will not be apologising for offering a completely NEW ZEALAND made product that is affordable to even the youngest that pass through the wharf. We offer a light sense of humour in this world that is dogged by misery at the moment.Many Christchurch folk have come and found our store quite uplifting.They are joined by kiwis and many tourists alike who are grateful to find a high quality NEW ZEALAND made product that can bring a piece of joy at an affordable price.For many years we have supplied top New Zealand tourist sites and retailers with our product who find the badges an asset, not a deficit as referred to the Devonport community.
    Step out of that price bracket and enjoy our aprons (25 designs) that are printed onsite, and if they don’t suit we print what the customer wants on aprons, t shits tote bags or caps.
    We have had so many positive comments e.g.”it is so refreshing to find a store like this”…NEW ZEALAND made, owner operator, custom and good hearted humour.To top it off we have over 60 different tea towels that are great gifts for visitors ranging form printed in New Zealand to imported designs.We do this all in an area of 16 square metres.
    The other shops that are operating include one of the most popular puzzle shops in New Zealand, that Devonport families love.

  6. AKT says:

    @Dianne You do a wonderful job. No not referring to you. Keep up your good work and thanks for popping by the site.


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